Silent Slam Door dampers will bring peace and quiet to your kitchen  by silencing slamming doors. These German made and engineered door dampers are designed to absorb the closing forces produced by the hinges that are installed on almost all kitchen cabinet doors and on most furniture doors.

These World Patent Pending door dampers use a sophisticated silicone oil in a closed and sealed cylindrical piston to gently absorb and then disipate the closing energy produced by the powerful springs in you cabinet door hinges. It is these springs that cause your doors to slam closed with a “Bang”.

These economical and quality built door dampers install in seconds with just a single screw and a screwdriver. One per door is usually all that’s needed to do the job! Use them everywhere you have slamming doors….

Kitchen & Bathroom Laundry room & Office RV or Boat & Garage

Count up the number of doors in your kitchen. That’s how many Silent Slam Door Dampers you need.  Silent Slam Door Dampers are packed ten to a package. Many kitchens have closer to twenty doors but if your kitchen has fewer than that why not install the left over dampers  in your bathroom vanity cabinets or in your medicine cabinet? They are usually big slammers too!

Here are another couple of places  where you likely have noisey slamming doors! Modular office furniture and laundry room cabinets have the same spring loaded hinges in them that most kitchen cabinets do. Let’s silence these too!

Don’t forget the cabinet doors in your boat or RV or how about those garage cabinet doors? They all go bang when they close so why not silence them too?

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